Security Risk/ Vulnerability Assessment

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We are living in uncertain times, so it is important to be sure that your people, assets and operations are as secure as they should be. At Black and Blue we have a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants who will perform accurate internal and external assessments of your procedures and assets, with the goal to help you improve your existing security posture and reduce the risk of a successful attack.
After a security audit, we will be able to assess whether your physical measures, processes and systems are delivering for your operations, and highlight weaknesses that could be exploited.

Services Offered:

  • Security Audit of premises. This entails an in-depth review of the security arrangements at your premises looking at all aspects of physical, technical and procedural security.
  • Security review of systems such as CCTV. We carry out reviews and audits of systems and equipment installed in a single location or across your branches.
  • Security review of your network. We review your systems and processes so as to identify threats to your network and data.