Occupational Health and Safety

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For over 7 years, Black and Blue limited has helped many of its clients conduct workplace audits, site risk assessments, job safety analysis(s), safety policy formulations and safety training. As a leader in the safety industry, we offer professional safety consulting services that will assist your company’s safety culture and ensure compliance with Fire Risk Reduction Rules, 2007 and The Occupational Safety and Health Act, 2007.
Further to this, we will thoroughly review your current safety and health policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the laws. We audit both your overall company (due diligence) and your physical location(s),
providing you accurate endings, recommendations, and then develop policies and procedures to address the limitations in your current safety and health programs. Black and Blue will train you on how to best prevent accidents, and control hazardous substances to minimize injuries appearing in your health and safety programs, therefore ensuring compliance with OSH Regulations and Fire rules.

Our Services:

  • OSH Audits
  • Fire safety / Fire marshal training
  • First aid training
  • Fire drill coordination
  • Formulation and Review of Safety Policies